About Us

BAT Design - Your Design Heroes!

BAT Design is a friendly and approachable boutique design agency based in Karingal, Melbourne, Australia. Bat Design provides innovative, creative and quality design solutions to corporate, government, startups and established businesses locally and internationally. It all began in late 2001 when two creative souls felt the world needed rescuing from bad design choices. Out came the cape and mask and BAT Design, Your Design Heroes, was born.

Their mission: To develop creative, functional, design solutions that boost your business performance!

Geared up with excitement, skills, knowledge and weapon of choice-coffee, they have obtained a diverse selection of clientele. Many of their clients continue to remain at BAT Design’s side. This is mainly due to their attention to detail, their tireless efforts in meeting their clients budgets and needs-no matter what time frame, and their extensive knowledge in print, branding, corporate identity and design.

Andrew and Tanya, the founders of BAT Design have endless enthusiasm and ideas. Every design they create is unique and is tailored to the specific needs of the client. They will guide you through every process so you will never feel out of the loop.


Andrew Arms

Design & Web Director

Andrew has over 18 years of design experience with training in communication, graphics, illustration (covering technical drawing through to freehand applications), web design, web programming and presentation solutions. Andrew gained strong foundational skills and knowledge whilst undertaking his education at at RMIT, Swinburne and the Computer Graphics School (now known as Grenadi School of Design). Prior to BAT Design, Andrew worked at a pharmaceutical company in the design department and also completed many freelance projects. His personal style can be described as having “a modern flair with very crisp characteristics


Tanya Mullens

Creative Director

Tanya has over 20 years design experience and has completed several courses to develop and refine her skills, including: Illustration at Casey (now known as Chisholm Institute), Multimedia at Swinburne and Graphic Design at The Computer Graphics School (now known as Grenadi School of Design). Tanya is an intuitive graphic designer which gives her the skills to design branding that resonates and fits perfectly with the clients requirements for their businesses. She has a friendly attitude and maintains a professional approach to her work. She has a great interest in discovering new techniques and enjoys watching the world of design evolve. Prior to BAT Design, Tanya worked at an advertising agency and a boutique design firm. She has also worked as a freelance designer, often alongside web designers and computer animators.