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After you design our logo can you guys design and print business cards for us?

Yes, we sure can! We'll design a business card that reflects the style of the logo we have created for you and the ethos of your business. We only work with quality printing companies located in Australia (Victoria & Queensland) that can provide quality professional printing and quality card stock. Our business cards are 400gsm and you have a choice of gloss or matt varnish on one or two sides, full colour always. Having a logo that then ties in with your branding and other business materials is really important to us. 


Why should I come to someone like you and pay more for a logo?

In short, you get what you pay for. Yes there are many, many online logo generator websites and online design hubs providing cheaper logos, but there is a high chance the logo you get from either of these places will be also used somewhere else in the world or even in this country! When you work with a designer in person, there are so many added benefits - you talk to someone one-on-one, you can meet the designer in person, designers like ourselves will create a stunning logo that is unique to you and your brand that you have the option to then trademark. Buying a $5 logo will not guarantee that you can trademark it or even sell it on if you choose to sell your business or turn it into a franchise. Last point - our logo pricing isn't really expensive, we have packages ranging from $135 to $550 (inc GST) depending on your budget and the type of logo you want. So in the end the price you choose to get your logo created depends on how much value you place on your business.


How much experience do you have as designers?

We have been in business for over 16 years with combined experience of over 36 years. You could say we are one of the established businesses in the area, starting our business in Richmond and then moving our studio and making Frakston our home for the last 15 years. We have both invested a lot of time and money into securing professional qualifications in Graphic Design, Web Design and Illustration through private design schools and TAFE. We have also won several awards for our work locally and internationally. Tanya has on ocassion done public speaking to local schools and networking groups on the importance of branding and design, and we both provide guidance and teach our clients in social media applications. When you choose to work with us, you are choosing to work with experienced qualified designers, and that's good thing! Our clients range from: government, local councils, entertainment, marketing agencies, beauty, tradies, manufacturers, laboratories, auto mechanics, childcare, health services, wellbeing and spiritual practices, small businesses and large businesses. 


Do the logos that you create use templates?

No. All our logos start with the old fashioned way of sketching up ideas - its the best way, and the quickest way to form designs which we then recreate in digital format. Each logo design starts with an in-depth conversation with our client, to then sketches, application to digital and then a few rounds of changes (if needed) to refine the design to exactly what you want.


So I already have a logo, can you guys give it a facelift and rebrand?

Absolutely! For an affordable price and providing you have the original logo in the raw formats of ai (Adobe Illustrator), eps or PDF then we can open those files and make changes to the colour, change fonts and add or remove graphic elements. We will then provide you a new Logo Kit which provides a suite of files formats that you can use for various applications in your business. 


Ummm, I've lost the Logo Kit you provided me - do you have my design on file?

Yes, we do. Its one of the services we provide as a design studio and to our loyal clients. We understand that sometimes files can get eaten by the digital gremlin and we have the files available should you need these again. If you are a fairly new client with us we won't charge for this added service, if you are a client from a year or so ago we will need to charge a small archive fee.


Is graphic design a tax deductable service?

Yes, our design services are 100% tax deductable so you can claim all services as a business expense, including printing. Talk to your accountant if you have any other queries on what you can claim as a business.


I have another printing company I use, is it okay if you just do the design work for me and then give me the final print ready PDF files?

Of course! We provide very competitive pricing for our printing however if you prefer to use a printing company elsewhere that is totally okay. Just provide the printing company's preferred specs (how they want the file set up) and the size of the document you require and we'll provide you with a print ready PDF that will be emailed to you.


Can I pay for the job after I receive the artwork and print materials?

If you are a new client to us, as a small business we ask that you pay a 50% deposit for the initial work involved with researching and developing drafts, and then we ask that you pay for the remainder of the project when it comes time to print. All design work will be made available for you to use after full payments have been made. For on-going clientele that we have worked with over the many years, yes, we can organise a 15 or 30 day account with you.


Do you provide web design and hosting?

We are phasing this part of our business out. We are not taking on any new web projects at this time. We want to focus on providing amazing design and printing services and we also own and run a t-shirt printing business, so all our energy is focussed on these services now. However after saying all that, we will maintain some websites for our long standing clients who have been with us for many years. We don't do Wordpress sites, we prefer the Drupal platform - like this site we have built. Possibly down the track we may take on new sites again, but at the moment, no.

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